Globalization and The World Economy (GLOWE)



"The international Master programme ‘Globalization and the World Economy’provides a thorough understanding of the key issues of the globalization process, and its main economic and social challenges for both emerging and advanced economies. It aims at training
high-level international experts in the analysis of the globalization process.
This Master programme is taught in English, and students are immersed in a group of international students who take English courses.
Students will study abroad during the second semester. To me, studying abroad offers students the chance to improve their intercultural skills by living and studying with students from different countries. It also makes students more competitive on the job market. Study abroad should be an integral part of every higher education so that students can better compete in a global world."

Full Professor of Economics, in charge of the international relations of the department of Economics

Programme Characteristics

  • This Master Programme is taught in English
  • The student body is international
  • Students will study abroad during the second semester
  • This programme enables students to complete a part of their curriculum into one of the many foreign universities (European and non-European) with which the department of Economics has signed a partnership agreement
  • This programme provides a thorough understanding of the globalization process and of policies to be implemented in a globalized world (social policies, tax policies, trade policies, educational policies, development policies, environmental policies, migration policies…)
  • This programme provides advanced analytical and methodological skills, and intercultural skills
  • To bridge theory to practice, students will do a one-two-month(s) work placement abroad


  • To train high-level international experts in the analysis of the globalization process and its impacts upon countries’ institutions and their economic and social policies.
  • The programme is aimed at students with career aspirations in research, in government and international organisations,and in research departments of large banks and industrial and commercial corporations

Présentation du master 1

Le Master 1 « Économie internationale» fournit de solides bases en économie internationale, en économie du développement et en économie de la globalisation, et permet d’acquérir une bonne connaissance de l’environnement économique européen et international.

Compétences en ingénierie de projets, et de gestion de la dimension interculturelle (maîtrise de l’anglais ; capacité d’adaptation et d’innovation ; travail en équipe...)
Projets collectifs tutorés sur toute l’année
Stage obligatoire (ou mémoire de recherche) de deux mois minimum

Career prospects

The Master programme GLOWE prepares students for a professional career as an analyst in government and international organisations, and in research departments of large banks and industrial and commercial corporations. It is also possible to work in the public sector, at the local, regional or national level.
The programme also prepares the students for doctoral studies and a continued academic career.