Management of European Affairs (MEA)



"The European Union is one of the most famous actors in the world. In fact, each member state has to apply regulations enacted by the European Union institutions. Each field of the european life is concerned : the agriculture, the business, the health, the environment, the movement of persons... Managing company or dealing in the European market requires a deep understanding of the European Union system. Hundreds jobs are also created every year directly in the institutions (the Parliament, the European Commission, the Court of justice...). Indirectly, there are more than thousand new jobs, in other worldwide institutions and in the business companies, linked with the European Union. In the public or the private field of the economic life, the European Union takes an important place.
The Master « Management of European Affairs » was created with the ambition to educate the next experts on European Union issues. These experts have to acquire multidisciplinary competences: economic, finance, law, management, and political sciences.
If your are particularly interested in doing business in Europe or with Europe-based firms and organisations, don’t hesitate ! Join the Master « Management of European Affairs » to get all the competences that you need !"

Krifa-Schneider Hadjila,

Associate Professor, Maitres de conférences.


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Advantages of this master

  • The Master «Management of European Affairs» is a multidisciplinary education, taught in english, which provides a wide range of EU concepts and knowledge in order to get a deep understanding of the process of European integration in economic, managerial and political dimensions.
  • During the second year, the students have also the opportunity to participate in a 3-days immersion seminary at the European institutions at Brussels or at the Suny Model EU simulation (taking place at New York or Brussels).
  • All students have the opportunity to boost their professional experience through internship and some of them to get a double degree diploma according to our international partnerships.
  • The teaching staff is a unique mixture of researchers and top-level EU practitioners who combines academic excellence with the latest practical insights on EU economics, management and policy-making.
  • The programme belongs to the Masters degrees which are the best assessed by following independent authorities:
    - Graded « Excellent » by AERES (Agence d’Evaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur)
    - Ranked many times as the second best University Master Degree for the training in International Business by the MOCI (Moniteur du Commerce International).


The main purpose is to educate future experts and / or managers able to match the highest requirements of companies, institutions or other authorities which have to deal with European decision-making processes. These experts will master how the European decisions are made and how they affect the head office in others institutions as in companies.

The Master « Management of European Affairs » gives to the students a complete multidisciplinary education in European economics and management ». The students will also learn the basis of political sciences.

This Master is mainly intended for students who desire a career in an international or European institutions or companies. It targets also students who have some interest to do research.


The M1 (first and second semesters) is devoted to a training of International Economics and management, European economics and management, European and International Business Law, Negotiation and Lobbying Techniques.

At the end of the academic year, students can either undertake an internship in an institution or a company from April to May (2 months min), or write a dissertation, or move to do the second semester in an international partner university.

The M2 allows students to develop a specialization in the third semester as well as to concretely apply the acquired knowledge through a six-month internship in a company or a European Institution during the fourth semester.

Carrer opportunities

The Master’s Degree prepares students for positions in institutions or enterprises within all sectors of the industry.
Here are more specific examples:

  • Managers or experts in European Affairs, in charge of the European area (trade, marketing, strategic development, etc.);
  • Consultants, negotiatiors or lobbyists in specialized firms including international institutions and non-governmental organizations;
  • Project managers, technical advisors or officers in various types of administrations (European, national, or local authorities), development agencies, chambers of commerce or specialized consultancies;
  • Project leaders or engineers on EU research contracts and financial arrangements;
  • Project managers in various European Cooperation Programmes (for example INTERREG);
  • European events planners …