"The GEB track is a unique program, entirely taught in english language. Students obtain a double-skills degree, merging both IT skills and business/management/international ones. This provides GEB students with a solid resume, targeting the most demanded jobs on the marketplace, like e-business product / project manager, e-business consultants, e-business development manager, web & metrics analysts specialist, e-marketing lead.
GEB students are usually originated from a variety of countries, horizons, and styles. The high level of diversity is a key to a successful academic year, good internships and great jobs, which includes deep cross-cultural experience, fluent command of english, mix of IT skills and business / management ones.
During the project module, GEB students are asked to work in teams in a flexible way, learning from each others and preparing a strong alumni support for their future professional network.
Two-thirds of the internships are converted into real jobs for the students. Internships are performed in an international environment, either in a Company based in France and working abroad, or in a foreign company based in another country."

Olivier Sirven
Director of Studies, MCI Master, GEB (Global E-Business) track

Keys succes factors of the master

  • Reverse pedagogy and advanced education techniques like distance learning and MOOCs are widely used to provide the GEB students with the best fit, up-to-date training modules. The GEB teachers are not only specialists in their fields, they are real coaches helping students to find and use the most adapted learning modules from the University internet ressources.
  • Also, the cooperation program with Telecom Lille engineering school brings additional value in the master in terms of skills, ressources and infrastructure.
  • Lastly, Lille University is embedded into a close network of Tec start-ups, whose business ecosystem proposes projects, internships and jobs to our GEB students on a regular basis.


The GEB master aims at providing students with great projects, selected internships, and great jobs. Its international reach is expanding so the students get better oppotunities, and the potential employers get better students. The partenships are also part of the equation, with companies and universities on a worldwide basis, contributing to getting an internationally-recognized master for the fast evolving challenges of tomorrow.

Potential jobs

GEB students can be hired into any company doing business using new technologies, i.e. most of the companies on the marketplace. Here are some of the jobs names where GEB student are demanded : e-business product / project manager, e-business consultant, e-business development manager, web & metrics analysts specialist, e-marketing lead.
Also, each year a couple of GEB students create their own e-business company. Another couple would pursue their studies with a PHD track. Note GEB is strongly supporting students willing to select these two options.

Présentation du Master 1

Le Master 1 « Management et Commerce International » (M1 MCI) est résolument orienté vers l’international tant par les enseignements (Management international, marketing international, compétitivité internationale,..) que par le stage en entreprise (nombreux stages à l’étranger). L’anglais y est obligatoire (préparation au TOEIC) et l’étude d’une deuxième langue est possible (Allemand, espagnol, initiation au japonais, initiation au mandarin).

De plus, les projets collectifs étudiants, présents sur les deux semestres, permettent aux étudiants, à travers une pédagogie d’apprentissage par projet, d’acquérir les compétences professionnelles indispensables telles que le travail en équipe ou l’adaptabilité à des situations professionnelles variées. Les étudiants doivent travailler au sein d’un des quatre groupes de projets :

  • Projet « Bureau des Elèves » : organisation d’événements visant à améliorer la cohésion du M1 MCI ;
  • Projet « Emisphère » : organisation de deux missions d’aide au développement international ;
  • Projet « Objectif Pro » : organisation d’événements visant à améliorer la connaissance des entreprises ;
  • Projet « Young Vision » : Développement d’une Junior Entreprise.

À l’issue du M1 MCI, les étudiants peuvent accéder à l’une des trois spécialités de la deuxième année du master MCI dont le master 2 « Global E-Business » (M2 GEB).