The students' achievements of the Master of European Affair

World forum, Interreg event, Suny MEU 2020, Three-day Brussels seminar : the students of the Management of European Affairs tell us some events they have spent during the year in a great newsletter…


World forum
On the 15, 16 and 17 of  October 2019, the thirteenth edition of the World Forum organized by Alliance happens in Lille; this year it was entitled:  “The world forum for a responsible economy”. Over those three days, around 4000 individuals had the chance to attend to more than 70 workshops and conferences about ecological issues in companies, innovative management methods, and fair trade. Read more

Interreg event
#NWEimpact  is an event organised by North West Europe Interreg, during the 4th and the 5th of December 2019. This event brought together different project representatives supported by Interreg. Read more

Suny MEU 2020
The SUNY Model, a role-simulation of a session of the European Council, is a knowledge-driven event where the MEA students starting from 2010 have participated in. The purpose of this activity is to develop a better and deeper understanding of the functioning of the European Union and its decision-making process. Read more

Three-day Brussels seminar
After the SUNY Model, all the MEA students managed to participate in the three-day Brussels seminar “Immersion in European Institutions + dissertation”. This event concerned three European institutions: European Commission, Council of the EU and European Parliament + Role Play Game in the Parlamentarium. Read more

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