Internship abroad

Internationalize your CV !

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Why should I intern abroad?

  • Improve a foreign language
  • Develop multicultural skills
  • Discover a new job market and its cultural and professional practices
  • Improve adaptability capabilities
  • Create and develop an international network
  • Enrich your CV with an international work experience

The international office does not offer individual assistance with internship search. You can nevertheless benefit from the support of BAIP.

Useful internship platforms:

We draw all your attention on the respect of the regulation concerning internships abroad, in particular on the prohibition of internships in red and orange zones. To check this information you must consult the "last minute information" section of your host country on the following link: destination country

  • Validate your mission with your training manager and find a tutor
  • Obtain an internship agreement (1 month in advance minimum) from the internship secretariat or your training secretariat
  • Subscribe to an international insurance (illness, civil liability and repatriation clause) or European insurance card
  • Register on the Ariane platform and save your trip
  • Make sure your IDs are in order
  • Find out entry regulations from the embassy of your host country

The University of Lille offers different funding opportunities for internship abroad. The awarding of grants depends on your destination, your profile and the duration of your intership.
Attention, foreign students are not eligible for funding if they do their internship in their home country.

Fundings opportunities and eligibility criteria

Procedure to be followed for funding application:

1- Connect to the Moveon mobility portal

2- Complete the form "Etape 1 - Demande de mobilité internationale". When your application is submitted, you must inform us by e-mail

3- Fill out the form "Etape 2 - Demande d'aide financière". Be carefull, the deadline to submit your application is before the beginning of your internship

You will receive the answer to your request after the scholarship award commissions (December - February - June)


For any questions relating to internship scholarships, please contact: 



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Internship secretariat - Faculty of economics and social sciences

Sigrid Lucas
Phone number : 03 62 26 85 66
Building SH3 office C009